My favorite genre is “starts out normal but then turns into really disturbing psychological horror”


So we all know I play flight rising a LOT. The issue is, Im running out of stuff to do on it. I find myself refreshing the front page or whatever most of the day waiting for something to happen. Its not that im losing interest in it I just don’t currently have any goals. I’m sitting on more than…

A word on petsites! Neopets: Have you ever wanted to be trapped in 2005 with no hopes of escape? That’s what neopets feels like to me. Nothing has changed since I left. Even forum layouts are the exact same. The only thing they did change was the art so they could make money on selling clothing for pets. They just had a server move and removed a farming game called the habitarium that was a great way to make money and the only charming addition to the site since 05. The rules and regulations are suffocating. Now. If you can live with this. There are so pluses. 

The economy is fairly unbroken (I come from Gaia where we buy things in the trillion these days sooooo) and you can make money but not so fast that you feel like its too easy. The art community is great from what I’ve seen on tumblr. There is a nostalgic value for returning players. There is a lot to do. The site is old and big and a bit confusing sometimes but maybe you’d find that fun.

I don’t count it as a pet site but Gaia is my habitat of choice for all things rp. If that doesn’t interest you, they do have games and the like. Houses, cars, fish tanks. I don’t use any of these features but if it interests you then by all means indulge. Like I said before: the economy is smashed. Knowing established players will cure you looking like a noob but it can be discouraging nonetheless. It is a free for all. You can say and do what you want. My god its the wild west now that I think about it. I prefer this to neopets however.

I’m not the best person to ask but this is my thoughts on the subject.  

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Steal His Look: Icewarden
Iceberg costume (shirt might be included): $15.00


Steal His Look: Icewarden

Iceberg costume (shirt might be included): $15.00

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Selling these guys!

They’re all listed on the last page of my lair

I’m willing to haggle!

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Break Through

New paint plus an additional detail shot - it’s kind of a tall piece so it’s hard to really get tumblr to do it much justice. There’s a slightly bigger version of it you can see as a whole here.

Available as a new print in my Society6 shop


writing tip #940:


kill your main character. just do it. just go for it. it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. no one will take you seriously unless everyone dies

Rate My Professor. 

Rate My Professor. 

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tumblr in october


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